About Us

To learn about Roger's ADHD experience, click here or go to the page My Story

ADHD Coach NYC is a division of the coaching company Coaching NYC Inc. We are a full-service coaching and consulting company specializing in individuals who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or are struggling with ADD-like symptoms. It is important to note here that Roger is not a medical doctor or psychotherapist and cannot diagnose ADHD or any other condition. It is imperative that any medical or psychological decisions about the clients welfare come from a trained medical or therapeutic person. What we do here is help people who are struggling with ADHD-like traits, manage those traits, maximize their potential and strengths and live a life filled with passion and purpose and in the process often regain a rocksolid self-esteem, cultivate better relationships and find the fulfillment they desire.

One condition, however: you have to be willing to let that process be easier than you thought possible and more fun than you could imagine.

Roger Dewitt, PCC, PACG, is a trained and certified Coach through the International Coaches Federation and has been trained as an ADHD Coach by the ADD Coach Academy.Roger is a mentor coach and a senior trainer of ADHD coaches through the ADD Coach Academy as well.

His style is passionate, lighthearted and fun but always direct. We laugh a lot, we work hard and we make progress!

The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can create and reclaim a life you weren't even sure was possible for you!