My Story

Until I put a name to my own ADD tendencies, I thought I was lazy, a jack of all trades, unfocused and unorganized and was destined to stay that way.  I was always in awe of those people that could get an idea and follow through on that with a single minded focus.  I was certain I just wasn’t wired that way and was not destined to be that “go-getter” that I saw all around me.

Ironically, I knew I had the potential.  I knew I was smart and could kick into gear when I “wanted to.”  The only possible reason I didn’t was because I “must not want to badly enough.” I thought I had a serious character flaw.

I tried all sorts of plans and programs to get me “motivated.” I started great on most of them and eventually lost interest.  I had a string of incomplete projects and lots of money wasted which seemed to prove my point that I just wasn’t built like everyone else.

What was confusing was that there were times when I could be really focused and super productive.  Whenever I got a major acting job, everything else in my life seemed to get done and smoothed out.  I could prioritize and get things done, I was calmer and more alert.  It was bizarre.  I could explain it.  Again… it must be a character flaw I though. 

It wasn’t until I learned about ADHD that things finally made sense. I learned about the  unique brain wiring and needs of people who had ADHD and how these weaknesses I had could be turned into incredible strengths.  I learned techniques to manage and compensate for the weakness and maximize the strengths. 

I started completing things, harnessing those great ideas and easing into a rhythm that I didn’t know I had except on very rare occasions.  My self esteem improved and I realized that I could not only do what “other people” could harness some unique ADHD abilities to do what other people couldn’t.

As a coach, I knew that I wanted to help other creative people find their own individual groove so that they can move forward in their passion and finally reach their potential!

Roger DeWitt, PCC, PACG has been coaching professionally since 2001.  He is certified by the ICF and trained at Coach University and the ADD Coach Academy.  Often called "The Coach's Coach," Roger is currently a mentor coach for other coaches and trains other ADHD coaches for the ADD Coach Academy.

Roger has a wonderful practice helping all sorts of people finally shake off the confusion of their lack of focus.  By working with him, they become more productive, get their life, career and relationships back on track and finally feel the satisfaction and self-esteem that comes from living their passion and potential.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can get back on track to the life and career you can love and feel proud of again.