ADHD Actors

Why am I so focused on stage and when I'm doing my art but I am so scattered in the rest of my life?

You have tons of projects that you would love to start working on. You have ideas for scripts and writing projects and video projects in all kinds of projects. You get very excited about them and you think about them constantly. He might even actually start one but soon things start to fade and you beat yourself up because you know you should be writing/recording/videoing… etc. etc.

In your life, you often feel unfocused, unmotivated and overwhelmed by all the things you could or should be doing. You often forget things or lose things. You have the money in your account to pay your bills but sometimes you just forget because there is so much chaos around you.

People often misunderstand you can feel it could take things too big… dare I say it… a few unfortunate souls might even call you… overly dramatic!! Boy does that is you off and you might just let them know it at the time and regretted afterwards.

When you're not working in your art, you probably feel drained and overwhelmed by your day job and have little or no energy to do those marketing things for your “artist business” that you know you should be doing.

You get absorbed in things that seem interesting and important at the time but often lose track of time and find that you've wasted hours and didn't even realize it. Maybe you took a break to play a video game and found it incredibly difficult to pull yourself away.

When I work with someone like you I help you learn strategies to focus, organize and prioritize and then follow through on what's most important. You build a team around you to support you and uncover how you work best and what really gets you going so that you can focus more time on what works and little or no time on those things that distract you from what is your passionate purpose. You end up being able to spend more time doing your art and find creative ways of expression that you had never thought possible. You start following through on some of those great ideas and then, for many of my clients, synchronicity steps in and success takes over.

Isn't that possibility worth a phone call to see how we might work together? Contact us now.