ADHD Entrepreneurs

You have gone off on your own and started a business. You have broken free of the tyranny of what it is like to work for someone else! Bravo!

There's just one thing… sometimes you feel like you're chasing her tail. You're so overwhelmed and feel like you don't know where to turn or what to do next. You're disorganized and feel like it takes you so much longer to do things than it should. Sometimes you miss deadlines and your income suffers because of it. You know you're undercharging and under earning.

Your relationship with your family and your spouse is suffering because of your poor processing and time management. If you could just be a little bit more efficient…

you hated working for a boss and feeling confined in restricted to schedule… but somehow that schedule seemed to help you be more productive. Right now everything is free and open but the downside of that is you just don't know where to put your energy so you end up spending your energy all over the place.

As a coach, when I work with entrepreneurs I help them identify how they work best, find a flexible structure that works for them and cultivate an exciting balance of life and work and relationships that both stimulate and inspire them. The they work from their passion and find fulfillment like they never thought possible.

What would it be worth to you to be able to focus your energies, manager time, improve your relationships and probably make more money in the process? Contact us for consultation today!