ADHD Professionals

If you're like a lot of the professionals that I work with, you know you're not going to go any farther in your job unless something changes!

It might be that you missed deadlines or that you are late on a regular basis. Maybe you consistently under estimate the time it takes to do a project and so you have to rush at the last minute. Maybe you don't know what project is the most important to be working on right now. You feel scattered, unfocused, on organized and your prioritization skills seem totally out of whack.

You often feel shame about your ADHD and are afraid that if people found out at work that might hurt your career even further.

At home, you procrastinate on things you should be doing and know you're not living up to your potential. You often get absorbed in projects or activities that in hindsight might have been interesting and fun but really didn't move you forward and so you feel like you've wasted your time.

The important people in your life don't seem to quite understand why you can't seem to get it together and your relationships are suffering because of it. You often feel misunderstood and you beat yourself up because it.

It seems so simple for other people yet nearly impossible for you.

I understand the pain until you understand how you can harness your gifts and talents while compensating or delegating your weaknesses, it is very possible that you are to stay on that “hamster wheel” that you feel like you've been running on for so many years.

Wouldn't it be worth it to spend some time and energy on real strategies that can help you focus, prioritize, identify ways that you work so you can motivate yourself authentically and with passion, find the interest and excitement in life again and help improve your relationships? Contact us now for a consultation!