ADHD Students

Have you ever noticed that your apartment is never so clean as it is during finals week?

You have probably always found it hard to focus in certain school settings, but now with so many other things to draw your attention it seems nearly impossible. It's hard to get up in the morning and get to class. You stay out late and vow that you'll spend time studying… very soon… but you don't. You end up putting everything off the last minute and then pull an all nighter to get the project done. You are really very smart and so the project turns out pretty well but you secretly feel the guilt and shame of knowing how much better it could have been if you'd taken more time and done it the way you were supposed to… not waiting for last-minute.

When you finally do sit down to study or read you are horribly distracted. It seems to take you longer to read and study and in a very short time you're getting antsy and feel like it's all diminishing returns.

What others are doing seems so much more interesting and so you go with your friends and blow off work.

It really isn't that you don't care or don't want to succeed it just seems like there is something in you that keeps you from paying attention to what's important… when it is important to pay attention. You are very smart so you do get by but you know you're not living up to your potential and so you beat yourself up, vow to get it together and buckle down! It may even work for a little while as you try this new program of self discipline, but in very short order it fades, you go back to your old habits and you feel worse about yourself than before. You think, “what is wrong with me?”

Stop! There is nothing wrong with you! You have a unique brain wiring and you just haven't learned how to harness what you do well and to compensate for those weaknesses. You haven't learned how you pay attention… because you know you can… you do in some situations!

What if you could harness the abilities that you know are inside of you and direct them to what's important while still being able to have fun, enjoy your life and be successful like you know you can be? Wouldn't that be a worthwhile conversation to have with a professional coach? Contact us now!