ADHD Coaching

I once heard it said, "I don't know who discovered water but I can guarantee you it was not a fish." The water that a fish lives in is its lifes breath. It doesn't know anything else.

We have the same kind of blind spot. How we view the world and how we operate become so second nature to us that we operate automatically. We react as we always have.  We see the world as we always have. We do the same things over and over and so we get the same results over and over.

With a coach, you have a partner who lives outside your "fish bowl" and is trained to help slow the process down so you can make choices and think before you act. A coach will help you uncover what's really going on that is keeping you stuck, work with you to find ways to overcome those challenges and consciously create the life that you want to have.

Your coach is also specially trained in cutting edge strategies that help sort through the noise and focus you so you can control your impulses, finish what you start and harness your strengths so you live a passionate life.