How It Works

There are 3 ways coaching is delivered: One on One Coaching, Group Coaching and Virtual Coaching

The fastest and most effective way to move forward is One on One Coaching.  We meet on a regular basis — usually weekly — and we focus on your individual issues and challenges in a comprehensive and focused way. The techniques and activities are tailored to your specific needs. People who choose one on one coaching get the most access to the coach and the most individualized attention.

Group Coaching is also very effective and more affordable than one on one coaching. A small group of 4-8 people commit to meet together by conference call or in person for a specific length of time. The group is lead by the coach and while your individual time is limited, you learn and get coached while watching other people get coached on the call. Group coaching is very helpful for ADD folks who often try to do it all on their own. E support of the group creates a support structure and a network of accountability to help keep you on track and moving forward. I love coaching groups.

Virtual Coaching are things like classes I teach, talks I give, e-products and self study courses and of course THIS WEBSITE and BLOG