"A body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion" — Newton's Law of Inertia

Nothing is truer than this statement when it comes to dealing with procrastination and people who have ADHD.  It isn't that they can't do it but it is that they have sooo much trouble getting started.

They feel like it is some great character flaw that keeps them from being able to do the things that they know they need to do. It is often a source of great pain and a huge blow to their self-esteem. They wait till the last minute… until it almost feels too late… then cram everything they can in and work to that crazy deadline that they have set up for themselves. They lament, “I know I could've done better if I had just started earlier” or “wow, if I did this well at the last minute imagine what I could accomplish if I actually took more time.”

When I worked with people on procrastination issues we identify what is actually going on in their head and their environment that is keeping them from this starting. As we identify what keeps them stuck, I used techniques that helped change their perspective, make the tasks more fun and manageable and help them revved up their “motivation rocket engine” that will help get them to be superstars of follow-through and completion!

Make sure you don't procrastinate on this call… contact me for procrastination consultation!