Time Management

"The forty-four-hour week has no charm for me.  I'm looking for a forty hour day"  — Nicholas Murray Butler

  • I never have enough time!
  • Always late.
  • Too early.
  • Never able to guess how much time something will take.
  • Too much to do.
  • I start something but get sidetracked by something else.
  • I have been busy all day but I feel like I have nothing to show for it.


All these phrases are things I hear from my clients all the time.  They need better time management skills.  It is hurting their jobs, careers, relationships, family life and fun.

The truth is, many ADHD folks need to learn to adjust their way of viewing time.  I work with them to better estimate time, be better aware of time passing, learn the secrets of "regular time" and "satellite" time, eliminate overwhelm, maintain task focus in a way that feels great and stop the "just this one more thing" syndrome that destroys all the best laid plans.

Isn't now the time to call?